Slow Dance

( X 2)

Lets pretend like we have had this for years, and you smiled, but I can’t pretend to try and love you with the touch of time, with your big brown eyes and a smile girl, well you asked,                                                     could you be the guy to, slow dance with me tonight,                                                                                                   and one soft kiss at a time, we can move a little closer , and you can entangle your heart in mine, and the touch of your lips down my neck send shivers, up my spine, well ah                                                         your eyes were closed, your hands rapped in mine,

A slow dance and a bottle of wine, a slow dance by candle light,                                            once, and once we are done, take the phone directory in my passenger seat,                             guide us home guide us home, take the phone directory in my passenger seat,                               guide us home guide us home.