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Artist Profile - Ziggy Alberts

In Brief

  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Coastal folk
  • 23 years old
  • Australian
  • Founded Independent Label 'Commonfolk Records' in 2018

Spotify Summary      

  • 80 million total streams
  • 715,000+ monthly listeners

Apple Summary

  • 5.7 million total streams

Recent Tours (2016-2017):

  • 5 capital city shows Australia
  • 25+ shows around Europe
  • 50 shows around Australia

Ziggy’s Story

Ziggy Alberts is an independent singer/songwriter, free-surfer & environmental enthusiast from the East Coast of Australia. 

Picking up a guitar in 2011, Laps Around The Sun – upcoming album – will be Ziggy’s 5th record, following Feels Like Home (2012), Made of Water (2013), Land & Sea (2014) and Four Feet in the Forest EP (2016). Pushing the boundaries and expectations of self-funded independent artists, Ziggy continues to share his music around the world with his dedicated grassroots following. He sings heartfelt stories of personal endeavours and experiences, ocean-side upbringing, environmental issues and life on the road. 

Working closely with his small family team, Ziggy founded his independent label, Commonfolk Records in March 2018. 

Noteworthy Achievements

Headlining at established music venues through 11 European countries on his summer 'Tell Me Europe Tour 2017', Ziggy sold over 5,000 tickets and played festival performances in France, Netherlands and Germany. 

The Heaven Tour saw Ziggy performing at his biggest headline shows to date. With 4 out of 5 shows officially selling out (QPAC Concert Hall, Enmore, Palais and Astor Theatres) Ziggy proved his ability in connecting with his audience despite the growing room sizes. Imagine 2,000 people singing every word to ‘Gone’, then hearing a pin drop moments later. 

The tour was promoted with no marketing budgets, PR agencies or radio support. The team relied solely on Ziggy's organic social media posts and following, which is a small reflection of his dedicated fan base. 

In 2018, Ziggy established himself as a main stage artist at the Byron Bay Bluesfest, playing to a full, swooning crowd of 5,000 people. Ziggy played on the Mojo Stage before household names, Tash Sultana and John Butler Trio. 

 As at June 2018

As at June 2018

STATS | Spotify

  • 80 million streams to-date
  • 715k+ monthly listeners

Top 10 Cities (Monthly Listeners)

Rank City/Country Montly Listeners
1 Melbourne, Aus 24.2K
2 Sydney, Aus 22.2K
3 Brisbane, Aus 19.7K
4 London, UK 15.6K
5 Auckland, NZ 12.9K
6 Perth, Aus 11.9K
7 Adelaide, Aus 7.9K
8 Los Angeles, USA 6.6K
9 Munich, Germany 5.6K
10 Sao Paulo, Brazil 5.5K

Top 5 Countries (Monthly Listeners)

Rank Country Montly Listeners
1 Australia 182.7K
2 United States 129.7K
3 United Kingdom 48.3K
4 Germany 42.4K
5 New Zealand 27K

Top Playlist Inclusions (Editorial Picks) - Last 28 Days

Rank Playlist Song Streams
1 Sommer Chillout Love Me Now 33.8K
2 Chilled Roots Heaven 31.8K
3 The Office Stereo Love Me Now and Heaven 29.5K
4 Gentle Acoustic Heaven and Tell Me (The Hoddevik Song) 21.2K
5 Even Flow Heaven 11.4K

STATS | Headline Tours & Performances 

Bluesfest 2018

  • Played as a main stage artist at Bluesfest 2018, Byron Bay AUS. 
  • April 2018 

Heaven Australia Tour 2017
Capital city tour around release of single 'Heaven' (September 2017)

  • 7,200 tickets sold over 5 shows
  • November  2017
  • Thebarton Theatre, Astor Theatre, Palais Theatre, QPAC Concert Hall, Enmore Theatre
  • 4 out of 5 shows officially sold out



Tell Me (Europe) 2017
First European tour around 'Four Feet In The Forest' EP

  • 5,000 tickets sold
  • Performances at festivals in France, Netherlands and Germany
  • June 17 to Aug 17
  • 11 countries


Start Over Summer Tour (Australia) 2016/17
Second tour around release of EP 'Four Feet In The Forest'

  • Over 11,000 tickets sold over 51 shows
  • November 16 to March 17
  • Regional shows (100-500 cap) to city shows (500-1000cap)


Four Feet In The Forest (Australia) 2016
First tour around release of EP 'Four Feet In The Forest' (released 9 May 2016)

  • 4,000 tickets sold over 6 shows.
  • June 16' to July 16'
  • 18+ venues only
  • 5 cities (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth)


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