10 MARCH 2022 –  A new edition of the successful debut poetry book from platinum ARIA accredited artist Ziggy Albertsbrainwaves - the photo edition, explores life's experiences and emotions, inwards and out.
Deeply personal, frank, insightful, yet relatable, Alberts uncovers his introspective thoughts and lessons learned in conscious and intentional living. In this edition, readers can discover Alberts’ love of film photography with photos spread throughout the book - deepening the reader's connection with the words through imagery.
Alberts says “This was a much bigger project than I originally envisioned…It was an opportunity to bring all these beautiful images to light - time out of the storage box in my shed, into readers hands... Many of the covers, merch and album artworks have been centred around film photos I've captured around the world.”
This collection of poetry, written over two years, began as a form of meditation to clear his mind. Consequently, ‘brainwaves’ has underlying meditative themes, with a connection to societal observations and nature, tied together with a lightness and Alberts’ quirky sense of humour. He contemplates modern-day dilemmas, timeless topics of purpose, trust, stillness, and love.