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Ziggy Alberts, an Australian singer-songwriter and author, has captivated audiences worldwide with his authentic lyrics, folk-pop melodies and an upbeat energy that shines in his solo-act, live performances. 

Alberts has firmly established himself as a leading Australian independent artist through his compelling grassroots journey, culminating in forming his independent label, Commonfolk Records; and book publishing house, Commonfolk Publishing. Ziggy's narrative unfolds on his terms, reflected in his latest records, 'searching for freedom' and 'DANCING IN THE DARK’ - testaments to his artistic growth and expressive lyrics showcasing global themes of adventure, courage and connection.

Live performances are central to Alberts' artistry, and his recent 2023 'REWIND WORLD TOUR' proves his commitment to creating a personal connection with his international audience. The enthusiasm and authenticity he brings to the stage solidifies his status as one of Australia's most memorable live acts, driven by a passion for touring and dedication to fans around the globe.

Ziggy Alberts continues to earn critical acclaim with 'Laps Around the Sun' proudly ARIA Double Platinum Certified, while 'Gone,' 'Runaway,' ‘Heaven’, ‘Stronger’, 'Love Me Now', ‘Simple Things’, ‘Days In The Sun’ and ‘EP Four Feet In The Forest’ have achieved ARIA Platinum Certification. He has also received Gold Certifications for his ‘Laps Around The Sun’ album and a further six tracks in his catalogue. Alberts has also received an APRA Music Award for Most Performed Blues & Roots Work for his track 'Letting Go'.

The 10th Anniversary re-release of ‘Made of Water (Deluxe)’ in 2023, celebrated Alberts’ remarkable evolution in grassroots songwriting, offering fans a nostalgic reminder of the humble beginnings that initially endeared them to his music. Alberts also received an ARIA award nomination for Best Blues and Roots Album in November 2023 for his work "DANCING IN THE DARK," highlighting the expressively raw and honest maturity that defines his latest music. 

2024 is shaping up to be a landmark year for Ziggy Alberts, fuelled by the momentum of his international touring, compelling storytelling abilities and continued authentic connection with his audience which defines his music.




REWIND World Tour 2023 


In 2023, Ziggy embarked on his REWIND WORLD TOUR, seeing him play to over 157,087 people across 82 shows and festivals around the world.



 Sold out London Hammersmith Apollo

Packed out 10,000 person audience at Cigale Festival, Quebec CA
First festival play in Florianopolis Brazil, playing to a crowd of 15,000 people
Australian & New Zealand Headline Tour sees the return of Ziggy to capital cities since 2019’s sell out Laps Around The Sun World Tour. The tour saw the sell-out of
3 x Enmore Theatres (Sydney)
3 x Forum Theatres (Melbourne) 


    Made of Water (Deluxe) – Commemorative Album – October 2023 Release 


    The 10th Anniversary re-release of ‘Made of Water (Deluxe)’ is a celebration of Ziggy Alberts acoustic melodies and captivating songwriting, which highlights his grassroots career evolution since the album's original release in 2013. 

    Featuring all eight original tracks on the record, ‘Made of Water (Deluxe)’ sees the addition of two poetry readings from his debut book release ‘Brainwaves’, which deepen the album's emotional resonance and acts as "a message from an older me to a younger me", said Ziggy. The deluxe album also unveils a new demo track titled 'Into the Wild', a lyrical reflection of Alberts' life post the original album's release. 

    ‘Made of Water (Deluxe)’ is a renewed voyage of the last ten years of Ziggy Alberts' career and reminds us of the humble beginnings of where we first fell in love with his music.


    Friends Edition – Collaborative Album – August 2023 Release


    Friends Edition is a collaborative, artist-community-driven album which showcases a unique reimagination of Alberts’ songs by some of his closest and most talented friends. Artistic contributions are from nine incredible artists from all around the globe, each of whom lends their creative prowess to produce their take on his beloved fan favourites.

    'Friends Edition' reflects the individual style and musical essence of each collaborating artist, while still staying true to the core messages and emotions Ziggy Alberts' original compositions are known for. The project adds a new dimension to Alberts’ discography and amplifies a sense of community among fans who can share in a love for beautiful music and genuine friendships.


    A Postcard From London – Live Recorded EP – May 2023 Release 


    At the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London, Ziggy Alberts had the opportunity to record In October 2022, and released in May 2023 a 6-track EP featuring live studio versions of some of Alberts' most popular tracks, including ‘Runaway’, ‘Rewind’ and ‘The Sun & The Sea’. Ziggy also included two spoken word poems from his debut book, ‘brainwaves’ which honours his time spent in London.


    A Postcard from London', offers a fresh take on some of Alberts’ most beloved tracks, showcasing his raw talent and honest songwriting which feature universal themes of love, longing and self-discovery, recorded in a stripped-down, intimate setting at one of the world’s well-known studios.


    REWIND World Tour 2023


    In celebration of the DANCING IN THE DARK album release, Ziggy Alberts embarked on his REWIND World Tour. The highly anticipated tour saw Alberts headlining rooms and arenas of all shapes and sizes across Australia, New Zealand, UK, Europe, North America, South Africa and South America as fans flocked to his live shows – connecting with the artist in person once again since 2019.

    The tour captivated new audiences in South America and around the globe, with sell-out shows throughout the tour as Ziggy Alberts brought his mesmerising live acoustic set to the stage.


    REWIND World Tour - Australia/New Zealand Leg – Oct/Nov 2023


    To round off a huge year of touring, Ziggy Alberts returned home to Australia and NZ to play his biggest AU/NZ sold-out tour to date. Playing prestigious venues such as the Michael Fowler Centre (Wellington), the Auckland Town Hall (Auckland), the Enmore Theatre (Sydney), The Forum (Melbourne), and ending at Riverstage (Brisbane), his latest tour was a major career milestone for the independent, singer-songwriter. 

    Joining him on stage were UK-based indie artist Nathan Ball and emerging singer-songwriter, Little Green from Australia. The tour offered fans the first time to see Ziggy Alberts live in four years and did not disappoint.


    REWIND World Tour – North American Leg – July - Sept 2023

    After a highly successful 37 date tour in 2019, Ziggy Alberts returned to North America, playing esteemed venues such as the El Rey Theatre (Los Angeles), The Filmore (San Francisco), Irving Plaza (New York) and his first ever performance in Honolulu at the (Hawaii Theater) and in Canada, the 
    renowned Cigale Music Festival (Quebec). Joined on tour by fellow Australian artist, Kim Churchill, Ziggy Alberts showed fans exactly why his live performances are so engaging and captivating.


    REWIND World Tour – European/UK Leg – May - July 2023 


    Ziggy Alberts made history on the European/UK leg of his REWIND World Tour, playing his biggest international show to date at the iconic Eventim Apollo (London), as well as 22 sold out shows at prestigious venues such as the Paradiso (Amsterdam), Chalk (Brighton) and Debaser Strand (Stockholm). Part of a massive 34 date headline tour, the European/UK leg proved how committed Alberts is to his growing fanbase, and the connection through his music that only a live performance can provide.


    REWIND World Tour - South African Leg – April 2023 


    After a sold-out tour in 2022, Ziggy Alberts returned to South Africa with local indie-folk artist, Sean Koch as support. Alberts played at iconic ventures such as the Old Biscuit Mill (Cape Town) and Sognage (Johannesburg), as well as headlined at South Africa’s longest running music festival, the Splashy Fen Festival (Undergerg), held at World Heritage Site, The Drakensberg.


    REWIND DOIS with Vitor Kley – Album – March 2023 Release 


    Teaming up with Brazil’s Vitor Kley, Ziggy Alberts released a new remixed single in March 2023, ‘REWIND DOIS’.  The collaboration, which showcases the artists' unique styles and musical talents, has been a success not only with Alberts’ fans across the globe, but also in Kley’s home country.

    Vitor Kley is a rising star in the Brazilian music scene, known for his upbeat and infectious songs which blend pop, rock, and reggae. His catchy melodies and uplifting lyrics, which celebrate the joys of life and love have garnered him a large audience, and follow themes similar to those of Alberts which make for the perfect collaboration.

    The track, 'REWIND DOIS' is a song about second chances and the power of love. The lyrics, which are sung in both English and Portuguese, tell a fun, flirty love story in a blend of two cultures, while the catchy chorus, encourages the listener to take a chance on love and embrace life experiences as if they are your first and last.


    Jack Johnson Meet The Moonlight Australian Tour 2022 


    Just shy of his 10-show run supporting multi-platinum musician, Jack Johnson, Alberts delivered his album, ‘DANCING IN THE DARK’ to the world as part of Johnson’s ‘Meet the Moonlight’ Australian tour. The tour showcased was an opportunity to perform at some of Australia’s finest outdoor venues, including the Sydney Opera House Forecourt (Sydney) and the Sidney Myer Music Bowl (Melbourne), and was a dubbed a career defining highlight for Ziggy Alberts and his fans. 


    DANCING IN THE DARK – Album – November 2022 Release 


    In November 2022, Ziggy Alberts released his full-length record ‘DANCING IN THE DARK’, yet another example of how Alberts showcases his artistic growth and shares his ever-evolving story with the world. This 10-track studio album provides stories of love and protest through a genre Alberts refers to as ‘future folk’ - time codes, antidotes to dissonance, new soundscapes & topics, tuned backing vocals and synth bass, all intertwined in a folk foundation. 


    APRA Music Award

    In 2022, Ziggy was awarded the APRA Music Award for Most Performed Blues & Roots Work for the track 'Letting Go', published by Kobalt Music. The track is featured on the ‘searching for freedom’ album release in March 2021.


    ARIA Accredited Awards

    In April 2021, Ziggy was awarded another 9 new Aria Accreditations, bringing his accredited repertoire total to 6 Gold Singles, 1 Gold Album, 7 Platinum Singles, 1 Double Platinum single and 1 Platinum EP.



    Intentions (22) Gone Laps Around The Sun (Single)

    Together Runaway

    Warm Coffee Heaven

    Bright Lights Love Me Now

    Follow The Ocean Stronger

    Youngblood Four Feet In The Forest (EP)

    Laps Around The Sun (Album) Simple Things

    Days In The Sun 


    Recorded Music New Zealand Accredited Awards

    In April 2021, Ziggy Alberts was awarded his first Gold International Accreditations from Recorded Music NZ for singles ‘Laps Around The Sun’ and ‘Runaway’.


    ‘searching for freedom’ – Album – March 2021 Release 

    In March 2021, Ziggy Alberts released the full-length record ‘searching for freedom’. The 12-track record is an exploration into some of humanity’s most heartfelt and complex emotions, translated into beautiful simplicity by Alberts’ capable hands. In his own words, this forthcoming album is “an expression of an adventure that I’ve realised will last a lifetime”.


    brainwaves – Book Release / Commonfolk Publishing 2021


    In February 2021, Ziggy Alberts added the title, “published author” to his repertoire of creative pursuits, with his debut book release, ‘brainwaves’. Released by his own independent publishing house, Commonfolk Publishing. 


    brainwaves’ is a collection of poetry which explores life’s experiences and emotions, both looking inwards and out. Deeply personal, frank, insightful yet relatable, Alberts uncovers his introspective thoughts and lessons learned through his conscious and intentional state of living. Differentiating from his lyrical work, readers can discover some of Alberts most personal realisations from life, learned from at home and on the road.


    As Alberts’ shares “Writing poetry had nothing to do with publishing it. Writing poetry is what music was for me at the very beginning: an outpour. No plan, entirely personal.

    ‘Truly Acoustic’ – Acoustic Album Released – 2 October 2020


    Ziggy Alberts blessed fans with a surprise acoustic album, the fourth full-length release in his extensive discography. ‘Truly Acoustic’ revisits some of Alberts’ most popular tracks in his discography with raw and sentimental tones.

    As described by Ziggy, the “nine-track offering is truly acoustic; me, two microphones, and my guitar. This is the heart of songs, laid bare.”

    The album includes acoustic versions of his ARIA Platinum-Certified track ‘Love Me Now’ and Gold-Certified ‘Gone’.

    “I had two goals in mind with this release; to enjoy the recording process, and to feel like I'd given the energy these songs deserved before moving forward,” said Ziggy.  “My latest album, ‘Laps Around The Sun (2018)’, along with all my other releases, have brought me such great gifts. I didn't feel like I could say goodbye to these chapters without doing this acoustic collection to pay homage to an incredible journey so far.”


    ‘Heaven Pt. II’ and ‘I Won’t Give You Up’ – Single and EP - 19 August 2020 Release


    Ziggy Alberts offered a new cross-genre EP in collaboration with prolific Sydney rap duo Horrorshow. Titled “I Won’t Give You Up”, it pays homage to being of different genres, different upbringings, but having similar intentions. The EP was Alberts’ first collaborative project and marked his third release for 2020, following singles ‘Together’ and ‘don’t get caught up’


    Intentions (22)’ – Single - August 2019 Release


    Since its debut on the 21 of August 2019, Ziggy’s single ‘Intentions (22) has had great international radio success. The single has been added to triple j high rotation (AU Radio), 1Live Radio (DE Radio) and 4M4 Radio (Austrian Radio) rotation, played on Radio X (UK radio), and added to 110 regional radio playlists across the UK. ‘Intentions (22)’ was also 'First Break Track’ of the Month for September on Quidem Radio Group. 

    Also in 2020, Intentions (22) gained Gold ARIA Accreditation. 


    ‘Laps Around The Sun’ – Album – November 2018 Release 


    Ziggy’s fifth record, ‘Laps Around The Sun’ has been well received since its release on 9 November 2018. After premiering on Billboard Magazine and as ‘Album of the Week’ on triple j, the album has since been streamed over 195 million times across DSP’s, worldwide (data as at October 2020). 

    In its first week after release, the album charted to #2 on the ARIA Australian Artist Album Charts, #6 on the ARIA Digital Album Charts and #9 on the ARIA Albums Chart. 

    In the 2018 triple j Hottest 100, Ziggy landed two spots as a first-timer in the countdown; #37 for ‘Love Me Now’ and #42 for ‘Laps Around The Sun’


    ‘Laps Around The Sun World Tour 2018/19’


    In celebration of the latest album ‘Laps Around The Sun’, Ziggy Alberts embarked on his ‘Laps Around The Sun World Tour’. Headlining in rooms of all shapes and sizes across Australia, New Zealand, UK, Europe, North America, South Africa and South America, this tour has been his biggest to date.


    Laps Around The Sun World Tour - AU 2019 Leg


    Returning back home in November/December 2019, after a monster year of touring, Ziggy Alberts played his biggest sold-out headline tour in Australia, to date (32,421 tickets). Playing prestigious venues, Hordern Pavilion (Sydney), Fremantle Arts Centre (Fremantle), two nights at Thebarton Theatre (Adelaide), Sidney Myer Music Bowl (Melbourne), and ending at Riverstage (Brisbane), this tour was a major career milestone for the independent singer-songwriter. 


    Laps Around The Sun World Tour - North America 2019 Leg 
    Only his second time touring the continent, Ziggy completed a successful 37-date tour in North America in June-October 2019 (12,000 tickets). Selling out esteemed venues like, Gramercy Theatre,

    New York; Corona Theatre, Montreal and Vogue Theatre, Vancouver, Ziggy had a fantastic time playing to long-waiting fans and winning the hearts of many new. 


    Laps Around The Sun World Tour - EU/UK 2019 Leg 

    On this leg of the ‘Laps Around The Sun World Tour’, Ziggy Alberts played 28 headline dates across Europe and the United Kingdom, selling out 21 of the shows (14,600 tickets). 


    Ziggy played his biggest shows to date on this continent, playing sold out shows at prestigious venues such as Electric Brixton, London; Paradiso, Amsterdam; Kaufleuten, Zurich and; Kägelbanan, Stockholm.

    Splendour in the Grass 2019 

    Ziggy Alberts was established as a main stage artist at 2019 Splendour in the Grass festival (Byron Bay, Australia). A much bigger leap from his first SITG festival performance in 2014, Ziggy overfilled the GW McLennon Tent with his army of fans. 


    It was easily one of the biggest sights seen all day, if not the weekend, with people camped on the hill and lending their voices to the thousands stuffed under the tarpaulin.” – Triple J


    AU/NZ 2018/19 Leg

    Prior to kicking off his Australian and New Zealand leg of the tour in December 2018, Ziggy Alberts officially SOLD OUT all 37 of his AU/NZ tour dates (26,500 tickets). 


    Previous Tours 

    Byron Bay Bluesfest 2018

    In 2018, Ziggy established himself as a main stage artist at the Byron Bay Bluesfest, playing to a full, swooning crowd of 5,000 people. Ziggy played on the Mojo Stage before household names, Tash Sultana and John Butler Trio.  


    Tell Me Europe Tour 2017 
    Headlining at established music venues through 11 European countries on his summer 'Tell Me Europe Tour 2017', Ziggy sold over 5,000 tickets and played festival performances in France, Netherlands and Germany.


    The Heaven Tour (AU) 2017

    With 4 out of 5 shows officially selling out (QPAC Concert Hall, Enmore, Palais and Astor Theatres), Ziggy proved his ability in connecting with his audience despite the growing room sizes. Imagine 2,000 people singing every word to ‘Gone’, then hearing a pin drop moments later.

    The tour was promoted with no marketing budgets, PR agencies or radio support. The team relied solely on Ziggy's organic social media posts and following, which is a small reflection of his dedicated fan base. 


    “If you like powerful, soulful voices like Dermot Kennedy and storytellers like Vance Joy, then this is for you.” – Substream

    “Folk-hewn but modern-facing, his work sits alongside those early Ben Howard cuts or even Jack Johnson, that kind of slick but still endearingly earnest musicality.” – Clash, UK 

    “Ziggy Alberts: The golden boy who busked his way to success” – Triple J 

    “Youthful songwriter Ziggy Alberts’ sound has been described as ‘coastal folk’. It’s an apt description, with ‘Laps Around The Sun’ demonstrating both the warmth and loneliness of the coast.” – Songwriting Magazine

    “Whether he’s writing about love or loss or his surroundings, there’s a warmth that emanates from his work, both within the lyrics and the natural, relatively minimal sonic landscape he creates.” – Winnipeg Free Press

    “For fans who’ve been following Ziggy's career from day dot, his increasing popularity wouldn't come as a shock. To everyone else, the Ziggy story is probably still something of a surprise. He's a self-made success, and it's a grassroots swell plenty of people are getting behind” – Triple J

    “The songwriter is adept at diving into big situations and swimming expertly back up to the top. With a warm smile and a bright batch of energy, Alberts offers ideas of unity and appreciation in his buoyant music.” – American Songwriter


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