Made Of water- Massive time of change in my career

2018-19 - This was a massive time of change in my career.

I took the leap and started an independent label with my family, CommonfolkRecords, and it was that summer we released Love Me Now as a single before dropping the Laps Around the Sun Album

Then, we commenced a mega world tour that saw me play over 110 shows across Australia, NZ, Europe, UK, North America and Bali all in just over a year.

This album and tour taught me so much. It was an album of firsts.


I wrote this about the album on the eve of it's release date

"I thought I would release this months ago; but I also thought I would get a haircut, record these songs and step into a new phase in my life - one where I would have everything figured out. Turns out that this was a heck-load of pressure and I couldn't possibly attain the ideals I had prescribed for myself - and so began a time of undoing, rewiring . Everything I've wanted is coming true - it's just that good things take time. And it's nice to be 24 and learning every day."
Common records