Today, Ziggy Alberts releases a new 6-track EP, ‘SFF Demos’. Featuring the original demo versions of songs found on his album, searching for freedom, this EP gives fans an honest insight into how these tracks started and came to be some of the songs they have so quickly fell in love with on the latest album.


‘SFF_Demos’ marks the first time Alberts has released demo versions of any of his discography. The EP includes the original demo versions of album favourites, together and circus and, as an added gift for fans, an unreleased track that did not make it onto the album, ‘two gold coins and a prayer (Demo Version)’. A very personal song about the story of his family history and how they immigrated to Australia. 


Alberts’ says “Over the years, my phone has been the first place I have recorded songs, and it's so often been these first recordings that hold a lot of magic. They are imperfect, usually with background noise, which makes them so real in a way that is hard, if not impossible, to re-create.”