Made of water - Summer 2016/17

In the summer of 2016/17, I embarked on the Start Over Summer Tour. Little did I know the acronym reads SOS which should have been a warning sign. What a brutal tour. 50 shows all around Australia, My wrap up post from 30 March 2017 says it all
50 shows, 29 sold out, over 10,000 km of driving, playing to over 12,000 people over 5 months . 1 van, 6 seats, 5 boys, 6 guitars, 6 speakers, 2 subs, merchandise , 8 sleeping mats, 3 tents & 15 surfboards .
I'd like thank you .
This tour was 2 x bigger then any tour I've ever done before . I want to thank everybody who bought a ticket , the people who brought unity to each room. I'm still independent and you guys are the driving force in my career . You guys come out and sing almost every single fucking song & im proud to boast I have the best audience a musician could ever ask for . If you have a moment or memory you would like to share below I'd be stoked to read it in the comment section
I'd like to thank my road family of young men - @samueldhall, @lachy_ross, @khanalberts, @cohenchapman & @mattsorro . This tour could not have happened without you guys & we've grown through everything together; we laughed and cried, got angry at each other & achieved a level of honesty that I am grateful for.
I'd like to thank the families that took us in during this tour ; the Kavanaghs, the Sorro's, The Monties, stuckonarockphoto , The Gravestine's, The Gardaya's, Corinne Fidock, Brinkley Davies, her dad & Tyron Swan, Cohens Family , Lachy's Family, Micki Ross & Chris Manning.
I'd like to thank the supports ; Garrett Kato, Daniel Champagne , Michael Dunstan, Kaneog, Monique Gravenstein, Joshua Burgh & Luke Morris.

Id like to thank Kasey Chambers,  bernard fanning & #TheWaifs for allowing me to do support for your tour.

I don't know the next time I'll be touring AUS regionally, because I've got to tour EU, USA, Canada & NZ in the coming years & also balance my personal health . Till next time, 
yours truly ,
Ziggy Jan Alberts