The new single from Australia’s self-made indie sensation, Ziggy Alberts, “Intentions (22)”, was unveiled on triple j last night. This follows a string of exciting projects from what has been a massive year for Ziggy. From the release of his Live EP A Postcard From An Australian Summer and a performance at this year’s Splendour In The Grass, to a wildly successful national tour announcement for November 2019 with all Sydney, Fremantle and Melbourne shows sold out and an additional Adelaide show added to meet demand.


“‘Intentions’ is, as my friend described it, a point marker track; a ‘this-is-where-I'm-at’ song, and details the last year of my life post-releasing Laps Around The Sun. I am continuing to grow as a singer-songwriter. As opposed to sticking to one genre and limiting myself, I'm trying to explore new directions. It was recorded in New York and I'm jestingly describing it as a ‘folk/rap’ song," said Ziggy.


Listen to 'Intentions (22)' here.


Intentions (22)” is a deeply self-reflective and personal track, divulging Ziggy’s own take on the hardships of life on the road and relationships made along the way, an authenticity which simultaneously resonates with listeners in their own lives. Set against a fresh melodious pop-rap beat layered with his classic percussive acoustic guitar rhythms, Ziggy fans are given a new take on his signature style in this latest earworm track.