Livestream Terms & Conditions

searching for freedom, the livestream Terms & Conditions


General terms and conditions

The general terms and conditions governing use of the Maestro platform on which the livestream event is being hosted are as specified here.


Refund Policy

Note that ticket holders will have access to a full recording of the Livestream for 48hrs following the live Event.

As such, no refunds of tickets will be offered due to any transmission failures (either at our end in the transmission of the Event, or at your end in viewing of the Event) as ticket holders will still be able to watch the full Event by having access to the audio-visual recording as described herein.


In the case of the Event not being able to proceed for any reason (e.g. artist illness, transport disruptions, venue disruptions etc) and therefore no Recording is available, we WILL offer refunds to all ticket holders.


This refund policy is in addition to and subject to terms of use of the Maestro platform as specified here.