Want to be involved in Ziggy's upcoming video project?

We want YOU to be a part of an official music video for an unreleased song from my upcoming album, searching for freedom! All you've got to do is share with us a video moment of you overcoming or letting go of fear – maybe it's surfing for the first time, skydiving, proposing to your partner, or your first time on stage... these are just a few examples. All entries are absolutely welcome, so don't be shy! -
Looking forward to reviewing your submissions!
x Zig


  1. No longer than 30 seconds
  2. MP4 or MOV files accepted
  3. Please remove text off the video submissions if possible
  4. In the file name, please include your Name



Please note, successful submissions will be notified and contacted via email. Commonfolk Records may or may not elect to use your submission, in whole or in part, at our discretion. See our privacy policy here.