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A debut collection of poetry from platinum ARIA accredited artist Ziggy Alberts, 'brainwaves', explores life's experiences and emotions, inwards and out. Deeply personal, frank, insightful yet relatable, Alberts uncovers his introspective thoughts and lessons learned in conscious and intentional living. Differentiating from his lyrical work, readers can discover some of Alberts' most personal realisations from life at home and on the road.  

Divided into 4 chapters, each poem entices the next train of thought. Alberts masterfully draws observations of the natural environment to paint his experience of introspective moments. He contemplates modern-day dilemmas, timeless topics of purpose, trust, stillness, and love.

is a polite request
an invitation into
a vulnerable relationship
between the writer
and the reader
it is an ode
to word of mouth
to paper pages
to hard copies
handed to strangers
shared with lovers
kept with family
to taking chances on books
without knowing
the entirety of its contents first
to do and practice just that
of which we do so little of today
with books and relationships alike.
was not made for the internet
it was made for you


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ISBN: 978-0-6487057-1-0
Publication Date: 3 February 2021
Dimensions: 128 x 189mm
Proudly printed in Australia on 100% recycled, FSC certified chlorine-free paper.
Cover Photo by Joana Duarte
Front Cover Illustration by Caitlin Williams
Author Photo by Jack Dekort
Illustrations by Mark DeKoning
Book design and layout by Tess McCabe

A thoughtfully independent project by Commonfolk Publishing.

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