Land & Sea X Four Feet In The Forest Vinyl

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The Land & Sea X Four Feet in the Forest Double vinyl is back by popular demand. A combination of Ziggy’s Land & Sea album and Four Feet in the Forest EP, this double LP is a must have for your record collection, taking you back in time through Ziggy’s early discography.


12” Double Vinyl

Includes lyric booklet

Made on 100% recycled paper stock



Land & Sea

  1. Days in the Sun
  2. Hands I Can Hold
  3. Gone (The Pocahontas Song)
  4. Youngblood
  5. Settle Down
  6. Simple Things (The Ocean Song)
  7. Follow the Ocean
  8. Church Man
  9. Slow Dance
  10. Used To
  11. Time Alone
  12. Land & Sea
  13. Waterside
  14. Sleep Well
  15. Warm Coffee (The Market Song)
  16. Simple Things (Acoustic)

Four Feet in the Forest

  1. Start Over
  2. Tell Me (The Hoddevik Song)
  3. Runaway
  4. Better Off (The Captain Planet Song)
  5. Four Feet in the Forest

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